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February 19, Friday, was the last day to introduce new bills for the second year of the 2009-10 Session.  New or
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imposed by the Rules of each house and the Joint Rules.   

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SB 250
Introduced 2/24
Dean Florez

ASM Pedro Nava (D-35)
Santa Barbara
Jose Solario (D-69) Santa

8/18/10 amendments, add
ASM Bob Blumenfeld (D-40) Van
As introduced, SB 250 would add a new Section 30804.6 to the
Food & Ag Code regarding mandated sterilization of dogs and
cats as provided.
Integrated bill text within existing statute.   (Feb 24 version)
SINCE 1997, REVISED 2009   
Amended in Senate, April 2, 2009   
Integrated bill text, amended 4/2 within existing statute.
Sen Local Govt Com Policy Analysis 4/9/09
Amended in Senate, April 21, 2009   (per hearing agreement,
except for developing provisions for ag/hunting)
Integrated bill text, amended 4/21 within existing statute
Amended in Senate, May 5, 2009    
Integrated bill text, amended 5/5 within existing statute
Senate Appropriations Analysis  
Senate Appropriations Analysis, 5/28
Amended in Senate, May 28, 2009      Authorize local govts to
impose fees for procedures to deny/revoke unaltered dog
license so that no reimbursable state-mandated program is
created.  Also adds licensed bird hunting to hunting
exemption from roaming
Integrated bill text, amended 5/28, within existing statute  
Senate Floor Analysis        
Senate Floor Analysis, 6/2 Floor
Further amendments in Assembly pending
Department of Finance Bill Analysis SB 250, Opposition
History,. policy info re MSN on impound  issue:
See 1998 Senate Judiciary analysis, AB 1856
Our 2005 Comment, history, issues of MSN on impound  
(Publications page, scroll to end)
ASM Committee on Business & Profs. Policy Analysis    

Assembly Appropriations Committee Fiscal Analysis

Amended in Assembly, August 31, 2009    

Integrated bill text, amended 8/31, within existing statute  
Assembly Floor Analysis, September 1, 2009   

Note - this bill will remain on the Inactive File until it either
returns to Active or dies and returns to the Senate Chief Clerk
for final processing of its file.  

Amended in Assembly, August 18, 2010   See Integrated Text
for details; also added ASM Blumenfeld

Integrated bill text, 8/10 amendments, within existing statute
including newly referenced Judicial Process Article.
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 18, 2010  
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 19, 2010     

Sen Local Govt
Hrg 4/15 pass 3-1
(partisan) as amended/to
be further amended
subject to recall if
Sen Approps
5/4 hrg cancelled, authr rqust
Hrg 5/11 to

5/23 passed
7-5 (1)

Sen Floor
3rd Rdg 6/1, voted,
Reconsid gtrd
6/2 pass 21-16, 2-V
ASM Bus & Profs
Hrg 6/30 pass 6-4
ASM Approps  
Hrg 7/15
to Suspense File
Release Hrg 8/27
3rd Rdg  9/8
Carried over to 1/10, 2nd yr of
Leg Sess//ion
ASM Notice to Remove from
Inactive File 8/16/10 (EVANS)
Rule 69(d) suspended
ASM Flr 3rd Rdg 8/26
2 p.m. bill is on call w/vote @
30-38 (10, 2V)
@Session Close, vote
34-40 (4, 2V) Reconsideration
ASM Reconsideration 8/31,
42-27 (10, 2V)
3rd Rdg, call lifted 11:46 p.m.,
fails 28-40 (10, 2V)  


OPPOSE  6/24/09

SB 586
Leland Yee (D-8) San
As introduced  and amended May 6, SB 586 would have
required only the sale of the 13 acre parcel from the parking lot
of the Cow Palace (state owned event facility in Daly City) but
amended on August 24 to require a fast sale of the entire
Senate Floor Analysis  
Amended in Assembly, September 4, 2009  to strike the prior
version using the Government Code and add entirely new
provisions to the Food & Ag Code to preempt and limit the
ability of the local Ag District to do anything regarding the Cow
Palace and authorize the Department of General Services to
"dispose" of it subject to specified conditions.
Amended in Assembly, June 17, 2010 - gut and amend to
different topic - Penal Code Sec. 1202.4, restitution    
Assembly Floor
3rd Rdg 9/4/09,
pass 43-28
partisan vote,
amended, re-referred to
ASM Com on B&P
ASM Rule 77.2

ASM Com on B&P  Hrg
2008 SB 1527
S.B. 1138
As introduced, SB 1138 would establish the Rendering
Industry Advisory Board to be appointed by Sec. of Food & Ag
and relative to the regulated rendering industry, "persons
engaged in certain
businesses dealing with dead animals and pet food
including, among others, renderers,
pet food processors,
haulers, and transporters of inedible kitchen grease."   
Amended in Senate, April 5, 2010  adding details.   
Sen Food & Ag Com Policy Analysis, April 6, 2010  
Sen Com on Environmental Quality, Policy Analysis April 19,
notes need for amendment re board composition.  
Amended in Senate, April 27, 2010    to increase Adv. Brd. from
7 to 9, 7 - licensees at least 1 experienced in alternative uses,
2 public with designated experience; quorum is 6 (up from 5);
board must keep accurate records of activities, subject to audit.
SEN Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, May 10,
Senate Floor Analysis, May 11, 2010          

Assembly Committee on Agriculture Policy Analysis, June 16,
Amended in Assembly, June 22, 2010 making non-substantive
Assembly Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, 8/4/10
Current rendering enforcement program, $390k/yr revenues, 3
full time staff so costs should be absorbable.
Dual Referred
Sen Com on
Food & Ag  Hrg 4/6
Pass 4-0(1)
Com on Environ. Quality  
Hrg 4/19
pass 6-0(1)   
as amended

SEN Approps   
Hrg 5/10
pass 8-0 (3)  
SEN Floor  
3rd Rdg 5/13
pass 28-0(10, 2V)
ASM Com on Ag
Hrg 6/16
Pass 8-0
ASM Approps, 8/4
Release Hrg 8/12
S.B. 1176
Grass Valley
As introduced, AB 1176  would amend Sec. 17003 of the Food
& Ag Code and
APPLY ONLY TO bovine animals, horses,
mules, or burro
s as "estrays" to allow local impounding
agencies "to hold and dispose of any horse, mule, burro, or
other animal that is not a bovine animal in accordance with the
applicable ordinances of the city or county".  
Sen Food & Ag Com Policy Analysis, April 6, 2010      
Senate Floor Analysis, April 20, 2010         

Assembly Committee on Agriculture Policy Analysis, June 16,  
Amended in Assembly, June 21, 2010  to state us of term  
"animal control agency" does not extend provisions of this bill
beyond poundkeepers/pounds; states that local jurisdictions
that have enacted local ordinances
may apply these to
animals covered by this bill instead of state law, thus removing
the mandate on local govt and changing the bill to non-fiscal.  
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 4, 2010    Notes the need for
the bill due to financially pressed rural livestock owners' limited
options for disposal of animals other than abandonment.   
Senate Concurrence Analysis, August 17, 2010 Unfinished

September 27, 2010 - Filed with the Secretary of State,
Chapter 325, Statutes of 2010  
Sen Com on
Food & Ag  Hrg 4/6
Pass 4-0(1)    to Approps,
Sen Rule 28.8
ASM Floor 3rd Rdg
pass 36-0
ASM Com on Agric
Hrg 6/16 pass 8-0
ASM Com on Appropsm
8/2 withdrawn, to
ASM 3rd Rdg 8/16
pass 75-0 (4,V)
To Senate for
Unfinished Bus
8/26 Sen
Spec Consent Cal
pass 34-0 (4, 2V)
Enrollment 8/31/10  
9/8 To Gov  
9/25 Approved by Gov
S.B. 1185
Note, author was appointed Lt.
Gov., seat is vacant.  
As introduced, SB 1185 would create a personal income tax
deduction in computing adjusted gross income, for the costs,
not to exceed $250, paid or incurred during the taxable year for
food and supplies purchased for an animal adopted during the
taxable year from a qualified animal rescue organization.  
Sen Com on Rev & Tax
Hrg 5\12
postponed by Committee
S.B. 1277

Animal Legal Defense
Fund; Social Compassion in
As introduced, SB 1277 would add new Penal Code Sections
600.6  to create a public registry scheme administered by the
Department of Justice  (similar to sex offenders) for persons
over 18 convicted of felony animal abuse, Section 600.7
covering registration, provision of and use of the information,
and Section 600.8 creating a point of sale pet food tax, Animal
Protection Fund in the State Treasury and authority for the State
Board of Equalization to collect and administer funds and
promulgate rulemaking for this function; funds collected to
cover PC 600.7 costs, limited to 3% revenues deposited AND
local government spay/neuter programs.  
Amended in Senate, April 13, 2010   Amends registration
period from offender's lifetime to 10 year limit; deletes pet food
sur-tax provisions, replaced with funding by fines: $200 per
misdemeanor conviction, $500) per felony conviction;
deposited in Animal Protection Fund, created State Treasury
(see original provisions); urgency clause deleted, simple
majority vote only.  
Senate Committee on Public Safety Policy Analysis, April 20,
Amended in Senate, April 27, 2010     Registration period runs
10 years from the conviction date on or after 1/1/11; removes
automatic revocation of probation/parole for failure to reg.;
removes prison, i.e. fine only for person using web info to
commit a crime;
SEN Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, May 10,
2010     SEN Committee on Appros, Suspense Analysis  May
27, 2010     
Sen Com on Public
Safety    Hrg 4/20
pass 4-3
as amended

SEN Approps
Hrg 5/10
Release Hrg 5/27

Held under submission
S.B. 1417
(R-1) Sacto

Senator Cox passed
away on July 13, 2010

Prin Co-Author CAMERON
SMYTH (R-38)

Removed per 5/18 amendment:
JIM BEALL (D-24) San Jose

SPONSOR: Placer County
BOS; CA State Humane
CA State Sheriffs Assn
As introduced, SB 1417  would amend Corporations Code
provisions relating to humane societies.  
 Corporations Code 10400-406, incorporated
humane societies;
Corporations Code Sec. 14500 et seq and
its enactment, 1995 AB 1571
Amended in Senate, March 24, 2010   
Senate Committee on Judiciary Policy Analysis April 20,
Amended in Senate, April 28, 2010     Minor amendments to
court procedure for judicial endorsement of Articles of new
Corp/SPCA (Corp Code 10401 et seq); Corp Code 14500 et
seq, conforming title/text changes eliminating "children";
regarding SPCA eligibility to appoint humane officer(s), if
incorp after 1/1/11, must have been incorp 5 yrs AND have
operated a shelter min. 3 years OR have written agreement  
with public AC agency OR licensed vet clinic providing for
care/treatment of animals to be seized, minor amendments re
court petition for and order confirming appointment of humane
officers, additional amendments to scope of Levels 1 and 2
humane officers; compliance dates; authority for other
agencies to charge SPCAs for costs/fees re Sec 14502.  
Amended in Senate, May 18, 2010   Clarifies firearms authority
limited to Level 1 Humane Officers only if appointing agency
has adopted policy on use of deadly force and officer trained
on it.  NO firearms carried by Level 2 Humane Officers.  Dept of
Justice may charge reas. fees to cover costs of providing
summary criminal history information pursuant to Penal Code
Sec. 11105 (b) to which humane officers are added by this bill;
no state reimbursement required.  
Senate Floor Analysis   
Assembly Committee on Judiciary Policy Analysis, June 22,

Amended in Assembly, August 2, 2010    Revamps bill
structure to repeal rather than amend existing Corporations
Code Sec 10401 & 10402, amends existing Sec 10400 to
remove "children" and apply new provisions to spca
corporations formed on/after 1/1/11, amends Sec 10404 to
delete "members", i.e. only the spca corporations and humane
officers may make complaints/aid prosecution of offenders,
other conforming amendments; amendments to Sec 14500 et
seq,  specifies judicial "petition" process rather than
application for "confirmation" of appointment of humane
officers (Level 1 or 2) and sets forth many requirements for the
procedure, appointees, etc.  The significant change allows
petition for Level 2 confirmation after only one year of
incorporation but minimum 5 years for Level 2 and simply
operating a shelter or agreement for sheltering with another
entity with no time period required.  This is a complex bill with
many requirements and restrictions but this amendment has
lowered the entry threshold from earlier versions.  
Assembly Committee on Appropriations, Fiscal Analysis 8/4/10
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 11, 2010   
Amended in Assembly, August 16, 2010  
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 16, 2010   
Senate Floor, Concurrence Analysis, August 18 2010      

September 30, 2010, Filed with the Secretary of State
Chapter 652, Statutes of 2010  
Sen Com on Judiciary  
Hrg 4/20
pass 4-0(1 absent)

Sen Approps
Hrg 5/17
Sen Rule 28.8,

Senate Floor
3rd Rdg 5/24
passed 29-0 (9,2V)

ASM Com on Judic
Hrg 6/15   6/22
postponed by Com
pass 9-0(1)  
ASM Approps  
Hrg 8/4
Pass 16-0 (1)   

ASM Floor
3rd Rdg  8/17
passed 75-9 (4,V)

Senate Unfinished
Business 8/26
SEN Spec Consent
pass 34-0 (4, 2V)
Enrolled 8/31/10  
9/8 To Gov  
9/30 Approved by Gov   
S.B. 1473
As introduced, SB 1473 would make technical/non-substantive
changed to Education Code Section 60042, currently reading:
"When adopting instructional materials for use in the schools,
governing boards shall require materials they deem necessary
and proper to encourage thrift, fire prevention, and the humane
treatment of animals and people."
Amended in Senate, March 25, 2010: Gut & amemd:  
To Sen Rules Com
S.B. 1491
As Introduced March 11, 2010, SB 1491  makes
non-controversial, minor changes to professions regulated by
Department of Consumer Affairs regulatory boards under
statutory authority of the Business & Professions Code,
specifically Sec. 16 amends the Guide Dog law, amending
Bus & Profs Code Sec. 7210.7 regarding home training
provided by schools and instructors licensed by the State
Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind.  
SEN Committee on B, P & ED policy analysis, April 19, 2010
Senate Floor Analysis, May 4, 2010   
Amended in Assembly, June 16, 2010, unrelated to above
ASM Com on Bus, Profs & Consumer Prot. Policy Analysis

Assembly Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis,
8/3/10   no significant costs associated with any provisions.  

Assembly Floor Analysis, August 13, 2010   
Amended in Assembly, August 20, 2010    
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 20, 2010   
Senate Concurrence Analysis, August 24, 2010    

September 28, 2010, Chaptered by Secretary of State,  
Chapter 415, Statutes of 2010
SEN Com on B, P & ED  
Hrg 4/19/10
pass 7-0 (2)    

Senate Special Consent
Cal 5/6/10
pass 30-0(8, 2V)
ASM Com on Bus., Profs
& Cons Prot
Hrg 6/29/10
11-0 rec. consent
ASM Approps 8/4
pass 17-0  
ASM Floor 3rd Rdg
8/23 pass 75-0 (3, 2V)
Senate Unfinished Bus
pass 34-0 (5,V)
Enrolled    9/3 To Gov
9/28 Approved by Gov
A.R.C. 74
introduced 5/18
Anthony Portantino (D-44)
As introduced, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 74 would
encourage  No Kill animal shelter policies and procedures as
the foundation for animal sheltering.  
ASM Bus & Prof
A.R.C. 91
Ted Lieu (D-53)
Cameron Smyth (R-38)
Santa Clarita
As introduced, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 91 would
declare September 2009 to be Adopt a Shelter Pet Month,
encourage pet adoption and raise awareness about  
"overpopulation in animal shelters".  Recitals include positive
assertions about pet ownership, insidious denigration of pets
from non-shelter sources and threat of future reduction in
shelter holding days due to state fiscal crisis.  
Amended in Assembly, August 25, 2009 to reflected amended
August 17, 2009 DHS shelter intake 2008, and add a recital of
increased surrenders of other pet species.  For
Assembly Committee on Rules Analysis  

Assembly Floor Analysis   
ASM Committee on Rules

pass 10-0(1)
ASM Consent Cal
3rd Rdg 9/1/09
SEN Rules 9/2/09
A.R.C. 118
Introduced 2/8/10
Cameron Smyth
(R-38) Santa Clarita,
Co-authors: Pedro Nava (D-35)
Santa Barbara, added 3/11
Adams, Ammiano, Anderson,
Arambula, Bass, Beall, Bill
Berryhill, Tom Berryhill,
Blakeslee, Block, Blumenfield,
Bradford, Brownley,
Buchanan, Carter, Chesbro,
Cook, Coto, Davis, De La
Torre, De Leon, DeVore,
Emmerson, Eng, Feuer,
Fong, Fuentes, Fuller, Furutani,
Gaines, Galgiani,
Gilmore, Hagman, Hall, Harkey,
Hayashi, Hernandez, Hill,
Huber, Huffman, Jones, Lieu,
Logue, Bonnie Lowenthal, Ma,
Mendoza, Monning, Nestande,
Niello, Nielsen, John A.
Perez, V. Manuel Perez,
Portantino, Ruskin, Salas,
Saldana, Silva, Skinner, Solorio,
Audra Strickland,
Torlakson, Torres, Torrico, Tran,
and Yamada
Senators Florez, Strickland
Introduced February 8, 2010 - Spay Day USA 2010  resolution
would declare February 23, 2010 the day, based on recited
findings.   (See prior years' resolutions for reference)  

Assembly Committee on Rules,
Policy Analysis 2/18/2010    
Assembly Floor Analysis 2/19/2010
Amended in Assembly, March 11, 2010 to add Assembly
to ASM Committee on
pass 10-0(1)  
Assembly Floor
3rd Rdg 3/10/10
3/11/10 ASM adopted
3/15/10 Sen Com on
AB 233
Introduced 2/5
Cameron Smyth
(R-38) Santa Clarita
Coauthors: ASM   Adams, Bill
Berryhill, Duvall,
Garrick, Jeffries, Nestande,
Silva, Solorio
Senators Maldonado  Strickland
As introduced, AB 233 would for taxable years beginning on or
after 1/1/10, and before 1/1/15, allow a deduction for the
qualified costs, i.e. adoption fee not in excess of $300,  paid or
incurred during the taxable year by a taxpayer for the adoption
of pets from a qualified animal rescue organization, i.e. public
animal control agency or animal adoption organization tax
exempt under IRC Sec. 501(c)(3).   
Amended in Assembly, April 13, 2009     Qualified costs
reduced to $100.   
ASM Rev & Tax Com. Policy Analysis        
Amended in Assembly, May 4, 2009   Conforms wording as
adoption "costs", not "fees"; adds "during the taxable year" as
restrictive language to deduction of "qualified costs incurred or
ASM Rev & Tax Com. Policy Analysis (5/18 Hrg)     
Amended in Assembly, May 25, 2009     Adds provisions for
time of filing return claiming the deduction, disallowance to be
treated as math error, FTB to post on website amts of ded.
claims, FTB authority for administration, creation of Pet
Adoption Cost Deduction Fund for voluntary contributions per
tax return, in the state treasury to reimburse reduction in
receipts attributable to the Pet Adoption Fee Deduction and
money received disbursed to 1) FTB for associated costs, 2)
Controller for assoc. losses, and 3) Dept. of Food & Ag for
municipal shelters, as specified.  
ASM Cttee Rev & Tax
Hrg 4/20
Referred to SUSPENSE
Release Hrg 5/18

ASM Approps  5/28
Held under submission
AB 923
Introduced 2/26
Sandre Swanson (D-16)
AB 923 as introduced would add to tVehicle Code Section
1808.4 allowing designated persons to request their home
address be confidential, a veterinarian employed by a zoo, a
public animal control agency shelter, or a society for the
prevention of cruelty to animals shelter or a humane society
shelter contracting with a local public agency for animal care or
protection services (and other new designees).  
2008 AB 1958 held in suspense.   
Amended in Assembly, April 13, 2009   adds public health
officer with power to arrest to code officer designee   
ASM Com on Transportation Policy Analysis     
ASM Com on Appropriations Analysis          

1/31/2010 Died pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. 10(c) of the

ASM Transportation
Hrg 4/20  pass 12-0

ASM Approps
Hrg 4/29
Release Hrg 5/28
Held under submission
AB 1224
Introduced 2/27
Mike Eng (D-29)
Monterey Park
As introduced, AB 1224 would declare intent of the Legislature
to enact legislation to include animals, pets, and livestock
under Section 20001 of the Vehicle Code, the basic "hit and
run" statute.
Amended in Assembly, April 14, 2009     Would add a new
Section 20002.5 to the Vehicle Code, creating new infraction
offenses (1st offense, fine not more than $100, 2nd offense,
not less than $50 or more than $200): a - driver of vehicle
injuring dog/cat/livestock must stop as soon as safe, notify law
enforcement, provide ID to person in charge of animal, if
available, or other parties involved as specified; b - person
parking vehicle that runs away, injuring dog/cat/livestock must
comply as in (a)
before vehicle is driven again.
***  Winner of  "outta be a law" contest. ***
Asssembly Com on Transportation Policy Analysis
Amended in Assembly, January 4, 2010  Complete gut/amend,
responds to traffic law enforcement request to replace
definition of "utility trailer", inadvertently deleted from Vehicle
Code in 2001:
SECTION 1.    Section 666 is added to the Vehicle Code, to
666.  A "utility trailer" is a trailer or semitrailer that does not
exceed a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or a manufacturer's
gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds and is either of
the following:
(a) Used solely for the transportation of the user's personal
property, not in commerce.
(b) Designed and used for the transportation of livestock, not in
Assembly Committee on Appropriations Analysis, Jan 21,
Amended in Assembly, April 27, 2010 gut and amend to extend
authorization period for demonstration program for high
occupancy toll lanes on the 10 and 110 in LA County.  

ASM Com on Trans
Hrg 4/27
Reconsideration granted


ASM Com. on
pass 14-0
ASM  Approps
pass 17-0  1/21/10
ASM Floor 1/27/10
pass 68-0 (11,V)

Senate Com on Trans &
A.B. 1709
introduced 2/2/10
Connie Conway
(R-34) Visalia

California Department of
Food & Agriculture
As Introduced, AB 1709 would only change Food & Ag Code
Sec. 9211reference  from "director" to "secretary" - likely spot
As amended in Assembly, April 5, 2010,  many sections of
Food & Ag code to be repealed/amended/added regarding
biologics, animal blood/blood components and commercial
animal blood banks: Restricts sale/use of biologics unless
manufactured pursuant to valid USDA permit  and animal
blood and  blood components must be produced in a facility
licensed by CDFA.
ASM Committee on Agriculture, Policy Analysis, April 14, 2010    
Amended in Assembly, April 20, 2010   Not to be operative until
all CA biologics registrants as of 12/31/10 are registered with
USDA; CDFA to report to Legislature until all are registered
with USDA.
Amended in Assembly, May 5, 2010   Adds "The Legislature
finds and declares that the amendments made to Chapter 1.5
(commencing with Section 9201) of Part 1 of Division 5 of the
Food and Agricultural Code by this act do not constitute a
change in, but are declaratory of, existing law as applied to
commercial blood banks for animals."   Clarifying language re
CA biologics registrants will be "licensed" by USDA.
ASM Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis May 11,
2010  Quantifies annual cost savings to CDFA at $450,000
Senate Committee on Food & Agriculture Policy Analysis
Senate Floor Analysis  
Senate Floor Analysis, August 4, 2010     
Amended in Senate, August 17, 2010    
Senate Floor Analysis, August 18, 2010    
Assembly Floor Concurrence Analysis, 8/20/10

Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter   235,  Statutes of
ASM Com on Ag Hrg 4/14
passed 8-0
ASM Approps  5/12
pass 16-0(1)

Assembly Floor
ASM Consent Cal
2nd day  5/20
pass 72-0 (7, V)

SEN Com on Food &
Ag    Hrg 6/15
Pass 5-0
Sen Approps   
Hrg 6/28
Rule 28.8
Senate Floor,
3rd Rdg 8/20
pass 32-0 (6,2V)
to Assembly for
8/23  76-0 (2,2V)
Enrolled 8/31/10
9/3 To Gov
9/23  Approved by Gov  
A.B. 1980
(D-18) Hayward

As introduced, AB 1980 would amend the Veterinary Practice
Act to not prohibit  an employee of an animal control/humane
shelter from administering first aid to specified animals if he or
she has received proper training in that administration.  
Amended in Assembly, April 28, 2010 to add a new subsection
to Bus & Profs Code Sec. 4827 "(e) Administering first aid to
sick, injured, homeless, or unwanted domestic pets or
animals without the presence of a veterinarian when the
person is an employee of an animal control shelter and its
agencies or humane society and has received proper training
in the administration of first aid for these purposes. Nothing in
this subdivision shall be construed to authorize a person to act
outside the scope of his or her employment."
ASM Com on Bus & Profs Policy Analysis, May 4, 2010    
Assembly Floor Analysis, May 5, 2010       
Amended in Senate, June 7, 2010   to delete prior content,
extend sunsetting date for Veterinary Practice Act authority
enabling the Veterinary Medical Board to 1/1/14, add to Board
composition one Reg Vet Tech to be appted by Gov,  makes
the existence of the multi-displinary advisory committee (
2008 SB 1584)  indefinite and amends provisions for
committee, extends vet pract definition to include "physical
rehabilitation or musculoskeletal manipulation upon an
animal" creating a criminal liability for unauthorized practice by
unlicensed, would extend certain exemption from
un-authorized vet tech practice to students, create crime for
using vet tech designation without requirements met, would
make the Reg Vet Tech Committee inoperative after
appointment of Vet Tech to VMB, add required training
requirements for  unregistered Vet Techs (except specified
students) to operate x-ray equip as specified requirements for
managing licensed vet., add to Vet Pract Act existing
requirement for rodeo vet (Penal Code 596.7) to submit report
on any animal injury needing vet treatment by any vet and VMB
posting on website, and exempts from liability vet/reg vet tech
services to animals during war/emergencies except for willful
acts or omissions.   
Senate Com on B., P. & ED Policy Analysis, June 17, 2010       
Amended in Senate, June 29, 2010 to delete language,
of whether the veterinarian provides treatment to the animal..."
re duty of rodeo on-call/attending vet to report any animal
Senate Floor Analysis, August 4, 2010     
Amended in Senate, August 19, 2010   deleted the amendment
to B&P Sec. 4826 that would have added to the scope of
veterinary practice,  "performs physical rehabilitation or
musculoskeletal manipulation upon an animal".  This would
have criminalized veterinary chiropractic by other than licensed
veterinarians, i.e. most veterinary chiropractors or
non-veterinarian acupunturists..  Bill sections renumbered to
reflect deletion.  
Senate Floor Analysis, August 11, 2010    
Assembly Floor Concurrence Analysis, August 13, 2010    
Assembly Concurrence Analysis, August 24, 2010    

September 29, 2010, filed with Secretary of State
Chapter 538, Statutes Of 2010
To ASM Com on Bus &
Prof  Hrg 5/4
pass 10-0 (1)      

Assembly Floor
pass 73-0(6,V)

Senate Committee on
Bus, Profs & ED
Hrg 6/21
passed 6-0 (3)  

Sen Approps  8/2
Rule 28.8

SEN Floor
3rd Rdg 8/5
Spec Consent Cal

3rd Rdg 8/12
pass 35-0(3, 2V)
concurrence, TO ASM
Com on Bus & Profs
ASM Rule 77.2  
pass 9-0 (1,V)
ASM Concurrence 8/25  
78-0 (2V)   
Enrolled 8/31/10  
9/3 to Gov
Approved by Gov
A.B. 2000
Chino Hills
As introduced, AB 2000 would amend Health & Safety Code
Section (
Rabies Law) to exempt from the vaccination
requirement the owner of a dog that a licensed veterinarian
determines, on an annual basis, may have a potentially lethal
reaction to the vaccination, but limit the license period for that
dog to one year rather than the 2 or 3 year options for other
Amended in Asssembly, April 5, 2010   refines exemption
criteria: "currently immune compromised or has a documented
medical record of a preexisting condition, including, but not
limited to, an immune mediated disease, or a serious adverse
reaction to a prior canine antirabies vaccine."; veterinarian
must request exemption on approved form w/statement signed
by owner, understand/accept all consequences/liability owning
unvaccinated dog; local jurisdiction discretion to exempt;
exempt dog quarantined per local direction until condition
resolved AND dog vaccinated; no state reimbursement for
local mandate.
ASM Committee on Agriculture Policy Analysis, April 14,
ASM Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, Apr 28,
(Est. costs to DHS to develop regulations and form)  
Amended in Senate, June 2, 2010   to delete from exemption
amendment quarantine requirement for exempted dog.  
Senate Committee on Health Policy Analysis, June 23, 2000
Sen Com on Health Policy Analysis for vote only, 6/30/10   
Amended in Senate, July 15, 2010  to clarify that exempt dog is
treated as though unvaccinated dog or cat - confined to
owner's premises, no contact with unvaccinated, if out - leash
limited to 6 ft handled only by adult.  Exemption at discretion of
local health officer, standard now "a rabies vaccination would
endanger the dog's life due to disease or other considerations"
Senate Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, Aug 2,
identified general fund costs to promulgate regs, minor
absorbable costs to develop form and record exemptions.  
Senate Committee on Appropriations Suspense Analysis,
Senate Committee on Appropriations Analysis, 8/26/10  
author's proposed amendments would prevent AB 2000 from
chaptering out the provisions added to California law by AB
2689 (Smyth), Chapter 45, Statutes of 2010, in the event of its
Note: to enable further action after 8/13 deadline: Joint Rules
61(b)(15) and 62(a) suspended.  (Ayes 27. Noes  7.) Senate
Rule 29.3(b) suspended.  (Ayes 21. Noes 11.)
ASM Com on Ag
Hrg 4/14
Pass 7-0 (1, Conway not
Appropriations 4/28
pass 15-0 (2)  

Assembly Floor
3rd day Consent 5/6

74-9 (5,V)

Corrected 5/28/10
SEN Committee on
Health Hrg 6/23   
Testimony taken, Hrg
postponed to 6/30/10
pass 8-0(1)
as amended,

SEN Approps 8/2
Suspense File
10-0  (1)   
Release Hrg 8/12

8/27 Motion do pass as
A.B. 2012
El Segundo

8/4/10 add
As introduced, AB 2010 would make technical/non-substantive
changes to the penalty provisions of Penal Code Section

ASM Committee on Public Safety Policy Analysis 4/20/2010     
To be amended in Committee to increase misdemeanor
animal abuse penalty maximum from 6 mos county jail to one
year (bill text not yet available).   
Amended in Assembly, April 28, 2010   amended to clarify
punishment for alternate misdemeanor offense is up to 1 yr in
county jail, or fine up to $20k OR BOTH.  
ASM Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, May 11,

Assembly Floor Analysis   

Senate Committee on Public Safety Policy Analysis, June 22,

Senate Floor Analysis, August 3, 2010    
Amended in Senate, August 4, 2010  to add Assembly Member
Smyth as Co-Author
Senate Floor Analysis, August 4, 2010   

Assembly Floor Concurrence Analysis, August 13, 2010     

ASM Com on Public
Safety 1st Hrg (3/23)
cancelled, author request
Hrg 4/20
pass 7-0
ASM Approps rec.
consent  5/12 postponed
by Com.
pass 11-4 (2)
ASM Flr 3rd Rdg
pass 60-10 (9,V)
SEN Com on Public
Hrg 6/22   pass 6-1
Sen Approps
Sen Rule 28.8
3rd Rdg 8/12
pass 28-6(4,1V)
pass 63-12 (4,V)
8/19 Enrolled    
8/26 To Gov
A.B. 2243
Granada Hills
As introduced, AB 2443 would amend Civil Code Sec. 54.25 to
add trained, public-owned search and rescue dogs to statutory
provisions to provide access without discrimination to hotels,
restaurants and public transportation.  
See 2008 AB 2131
ASM Committee on Judiciary Policy Analysis, 3/23/2010  
Amended in Assembly, May 6, 2010  adds to prohibition
discrimination against officer or handler based on presence of
the dog; adds to definition of "Search and Rescue Dog" further
language, "that  is officially affiliated with, or sponsored by, a
governmental agency".    
Senate Committe on Judiciary Policy Analysis, June 15, 2010  
Amended in Senate, June 22, 2010 expressly stating that bill
provisions do not prevent removal of covered dog  from the
covered facility for causing a disturbance, other than its mere
presence, if at least one warning notice of the disturbance and
opportunity to correct have been given to the covered handler.   
Senate Floor Analysis     
Assembly Analysis, Concurrence in Senate Amendments
SEN Com on Judiciary  
Hrg 3/23
Pass 10-0  
ASM Consent
4/5 pass
76-0 (3,V)
SEN Judiciary   
Hrg 6/15

Senate Floor  
2nd Day  Consent
pass 31-0 (8,V)
6/28/10 Assembly  
concurrence 79-0 v
Governor 7/6/10
Chaptered 7/15/10
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A.B. 2411
(D-9) Sacto

Sponsor: HSUS

4/15/10 amendments added
ASM Membs Charles Calderon,
Carter, Feuer, Salas, Solorio and
As introduced, AB 2411 would amend Insurance Code Sec.
100 to add pet insurance as a covered class of insurance and
add to Division 2, a new Part 9, Pet Insurance, containing
specific definitions and requirements.  
ASM Committee on Insurance, Policy Analysis, April 5, 2010  
amendments pending re insurer disclosures to consumers  
Amended in Assembly, April 15, 2010   instead of prohibiting
exclusion based on pre-existing condition, only requires
disclosure  if pre-existing condition exclusion, reduction in
coverage or premium increased based on past claims made.  
ASM Appropriations Committee Fiscal Analysis, May 4, 2010    
Assembly Floor Analysis     

Sen Com on Banking, Finance & Insurance Policy Analysis,

Amended in Senate, August 2, 2010  Revamps bill structure to
only amend Ins. Code Sec. 120 to add pet insurance to
existing list of "Miscellaneous Insurance" and adds a new Part
9 (commencing
with Section 12880) is added to Division 2 of the Insurance
Code dedicated to pet insurance rather than amending pet
insurance into a number of sections of existing Ins. Code.  
Applies to any policy  marketed, issued, amended, renewed, or
delivered to a CA resident on/ after 7/1/11 to reasonably
disclose any exclusions re
(A) A preexisting condition.
(B) A hereditary disorder.
(C) A congenital anomaly or disorder
[if any of these terms used, insurer must define in policy
AND           link to definitions included on its own website.]
limits coverage through waiting/affiliation period, a deductible,
coinsurance, or annual/lifetime policy limit, and if coverage
reduced/premiums increased based on claims in preceding
policy period.  Must disclose in policy and on its website basis
for determining claims, benefits schedule or usual and
customary fees as respectively applicable to a policy for
determining payment.
Dept of Insurance must publish on Dept website list of all pet
insurers as specified including products and agents.  
Senate Committee on Appropriation Fiscal Analysis, 8/2/10
estimates Dept of Ins costs less than $150k annually to
oversee collection and posting of required data.  
Senate Floor Analysis, August 4, 2010   
Assembly Concurrence Analysis, August 23, 2010    
ASM Com on Insurance  
Hrg 4/7
pass 8-2(2) as amended
ASM Approps
Hrg 5/5
Release Hrg 5/28
pass 12-5
ASM Flr 6/1
pass 52-22 (5,V)
SEN Com on Banking,
Finance & Insurance
Hrg 6/30
Pass 8-2(1) partisan
Sen Approps 8/2
pass 8-1 (2)

3rd Rdg 8/23
pass 27-9 (3,V)

To Assembly for
concurrence  8/24
PASS 49-26 (3, 2V)


9/8 To Gov
VETO Message
A.B. 2612

Add Co-Author
ASM Member
As introduced, AB 2612 would amend Food & Ag Code Sec.
19204 to add pet food processors to the definition of
"Collection Center", set Dec. 31 as expiration date for
Collection Center licenses and exempt those that register from
the $100 fee.
Amended in Assembly, April 7, 2010, adds "pet food
processor" to Collection Center definition Food & Ag Code Sec
19204, details to bill dealing with animal rendering and the
State Organic Program  (SOP) per review of SOP staff, the
California Organic Program  
Advisory Committee (COPAC), and participants from the
organic   industry formed the Organic Products Technical
Planning Committee.
ASM Committee on Agriculture Policy Analysis, April 14, 2010   
ASM Committee on Appropriations Fiscal Analysis, Apr 28,
Amending definition of "exempt handler," exempting certain
certified organic registrants from submitting  specified
information, potential savings up to $20k/yr.   
Amended in Senate, June 7, 2010, adding to bill to require ag
and structural pesticide registrants to have container recycling
program and extend $100 food safety fee for food
packers/holders to 1/1/16.
Senate Committee on Food & Agriculture Police Analysis
Amended in Senate, June 16, 2010    Changes bill title to Food
and agriculture: omnibus bill but no substantive changes to pet
food processors.  

Senate Floor Analysis, August 5, 2010    

Assembly Concurrence in Senate Amendments Analysis,

September 27, 2010 Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter   393, Statutes of 2010.
ASM Com on Ag
Hrg 4/14  passed,

Approps, recommend
Consent  4/28
pass 15-0 (2)  

ASM Floor Consent
3rd day 5/6
pass 74-0 (5, V)
SEN Committee on Food
& Ag
Hrg 6/15 pass 5-0
Sen Approps
Hrg 6/28
Rule 28.8
Senate Floor
3rd Rdg 8/5/10
Spec Consent Cal
pass 34-0 (4,2V)
Concurrence - Sen
Amendments 8/12
pass 79-0 (V)
Enrolled 8/16/10
To Gov 8/25
9/25 Approved by Gov
A.B. 2689
As introduced, AB 2689 would declare "It is the intent of the
Legislature to enact legislation that would allow licensing
agencies the ability to verify rabies vaccinations using modern
communication and technology, including, but not limited to,
computer systems, facsimile, and e-mail."
Amended in Assembly, April 8, 2010  Health & Safety Code
Section 121690 amended to sunset 1/1/12, local option
transmittal methods of rabies vac proof, add new Section
121690 effective 1/1/12 for "rabies endemic" CA areas (entire
state now), lowers age of dog rabies vac/licensing from 4
months to
3 months of age,
younger must be confined/restrained but may be
See TAC REFERENCE page for CA rabies law, regs, stats,
Amended in Assembly, April 15, 2010   deletes 3 month
provisions above, returning to amendment to Sec. 121690.  
Amended in Assembly, April 22, 2010 to add urgency clause
ASM Committee on Local Government Policy Analysis, Apr 28,
Senate Committee on Health Policy Analysis, June 9, 2010
Senate Floor Analysis, June 15, 2010  

Chaptered by Secretary of State, July 6, 2010     Amends Health
and Safety Code Section 121690
ASM Com on
Local Govt  
Hrg 4/21
pass 8-0(1)
urgency clause
4/28 passed on Consent
ASM Floor Consent
3rd day 5/6
pass 74-0 (5, V)
Senate Committee on
pass 5-0(4)
Senate Floor
3rd Rdg 6/17
pass 31-0 (9,V)
6/18/20 Enrolled
Governor 6/23
Approved by Gov 7/6/10
OPPOSE   4/9/10

Neutral, monitor
A.B. 2716
As introduced, AB 2716  would add to Food & Ag Code Section
30525 dog license tag fee reduction by 1/2 or more, a new (b)  
(b) A certificate is presented from a licensed veterinarian
stating that the dog is a puppy under the age of eight months.  
Existing (a) is the S/N vet certificate.  To be amended in
ASM Com on Local
Hrg 4/21, cancelled
author request
A.B. 2743
(D-35) Santa Barbara

Paw Project
As introduced, AB 2743 was a spot bill referencing Emergency
Medical Services
Amended in Assembly, April 8, 2010,  would make legislative
findings about declawing cats and add to the Civil Code
Section 1942.7 to prohibit residential landlords who permit
occupancy of dogs or cats from advertising, refusing, requiring,
preferentially treating or discriminating against tenants whose
dogs or cats are not debarked or declawed respectively
(unless therapeutic as defined); violation is civil penalty not
exceeding $2,500 paid to person harmed.  
Amended in Assembly, April 28, 2010    Changes "debark" to
"devocalize", "other than therapeutic" to "nontherapeutic"; adds
civil penalty up to $1k for each violation NOT resulting in
procedure, civil penalty up to $2.5k paid to
owner(s)/caretaker(s) for each animal subjected to the
procedures (elected by owner); extends standing to enforce to
IRC Sec. 501(c) exempt organizations "dedicated to protection
of animals" to obtain these same penalties for the org.
ASM Committee on Judiciary Policy Analysis, May 4, 2010     
notes additional proposed amendments to clarify scope of
prohibited conduct.  
Amended in Assembly, May 11, 2010   Sec. 1 completely
revises "findings" to "(a) Declawing and devocalizing are
veterinary surgical procedures that have irreversible effects on
the animals that undergo these procedures.  
(b) Declawing and devocalizing may have the unintended
consequence of creating potential public health and safety
concerns; for example, the possible safety risk to law
enforcement officers posed by a devocalized attack dog
present on property that law enforcement officers have legal
cause to enter to investigate illegal activity.
(c) The permanence of these surgical procedures contrasts
with the temporary nature of the occupancy of real property
owned by another, which generally lasts only for a fixed term
and may be terminated upon notice by one of the parties.  
(d) Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to restrict the
ability of a person or corporation to impose conditions on
occupancy of property that are based on declawing or
devocalizing an animal that is allowed on the premises". ;
re-wording other provisions.  
Assembly Floor Analysis, May 12, 2010     
Amended in Senate, June 7, 2010 to add descriptive language
that declawing could result in feline behavior endangering
public health and safety by increased aggression and litter box
avoidance and dog "de-vocalizing" and dog-devocalization
endanger law enforcement officer with legal cause for entry
rather than "investigating illegal activity" (broader meaning);
adds to authorized non-profit enforcing agencies "whose
mission includes the protection of fair housing laws"; and ".  A
person may sue for declaratory relief, injunctive relief, or for
monetary relief as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3)." when 2
and 3 give rise to penalty whether or not procedure was
performed.  This increases liabilities for landlords and
incentives for outright prohibition of dogs and cats and any
negotiation for their occupancy.  
Senate Committee on Judiciary Policy Analysis, June 15,
Senate Floor Analysis, June 17, 2010          
Amended in Senate, July 15, 2010  Minor change to the
proposed new Civil Code Sec. 1942.7(d) to incorporate final
sentence into prior sentence to clarify that
organizations (not
only individuals) may sue for declaratory relief, injunctive relief,
or for monetary relief as provided.  
Senate Floor Analysis, August 4, 2010    

Senate Floor Analysis, August 17, 2010     
Amended in Senate, August 20, 2010    reduces the monetary
civil penalty to no more than $1,000 per animal, paid to either
the  person harmed  OR entity authorized, now limited to a city
attorney, district attorney, or other law enforcement
prosecutorial entity, to bring legal action.  
Senate Floor Analysis,, August 23, 2010    
Assembly Floor Analysis, August 24, 2010    


ASM Committee on
Judiciary   Hrg 5/4
Hearing postponed by Committee,

Author's amendments
Hrg 5/4
passed 9-0 (1) out,
to be amended per

Hearing Audio

ASM Flr 3rd Rdg
pass 65-7 (9, V)

SEN Com on Judiciary   
Hrg 6/15
pass 3-2 (partisan)  
Hearing Audio

Note: background barking @
our office, entirely

3rd Rdg 8/11/10
passage refused
Motion for Reconsideration
Sen Pavley
pass 33-0 (5-2V)  

3rd Rdg 8/24/10
pass 22-12 (5,V)  
(2 votes needed to pass by
Rs, Tony Strickland, Sam
ASM Concurrence
Rule 77 suspended
8/25 pass 58-17(3,2V)
Enrolled 8/31/10       
9/3 to Gov
OPPOSE  4/21/10

OPPOSE  4/29/10

OPPOSE  6/4/10

OPPOSE  6/8/10

Federal Issues page:  
H.R. 5422 (2010)
for topical context


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